Abbey Road Allotments

Foxcub on the allotment

Wildlife on the plot

Widlife is encouraged in all forms and plotholders are encouraged to protect their crops in a sympathethic way, with the use of netting.
Netting provides protection from a great deal of wildlife, including butterflies and other destructive insects. However, the netting is essential to prevent the local pigeons attacking the crops.
Pigeons will target all forms of brassicas and demolish the crop within a number of hours. Netting will also deter foxes from going onto the beds and digging up crops.
The one wild animal that we cannot stop is the Badger, if they get access to the site then they will rip up netting and destroy a range of crops, their favourites appear to be Sweetcorn and carrots. We have been successful in preventing them getting onsite in recent years by blocking access with steel sheeting and concrete slabs.