Abbey Road Allotments


Trading Shed Prices 01/04/2022

If you need anything from the trading sheds then I recommend that you get what you need as soon as possible. As the stock is being replaced we are seeing increases in the prices. As you are aware the trading shed does not make any great profit on the stock and hence there is no option but to pass on any price increase.

Slug Pellets 01/04/2022

It is illegal to use slug pellets that contain Metaldehyde, these are the blue coloured slug pellets, they were taken off the market 12 months ago and people were given time to use up the stocks that they had. That deadline has now been reached and other methods of detering slugs and snails need to be used.


Update 01/04/2022

Although lockdown has been eased and the allotment is one of the safest places in terms of avoiding COVID and similar conditions.
It would be sensible to continue following the hygine rules that we all followed during the pandemic.

Visit by James Morris MP

On 30th May 2019 we had a visit from James Morris MP who came to have a tour around the allotment and see what went on.
We also discussed with him the success that we had with the Green Flag award and the concerns for the allotment in view of the current Black Country Development plan and the potential for part of the allotment site to be lost for a housing development.

James Morris visit

Green Flag Community Award 2018/19

We are pleased to have achieved the Green Flag Community Award for the third year running with very positive feedback from the judge and an increased judges score.

Green Flag 2018

Replacement Polytunnel Cover

The polytunnel cover for the Polytunnel belonging to Hales Homes, had split and was beyond repair, Northern Polytunnels agreed to supply a replacement at a discounted price, so Mick the Chairman applied for a grant for the money. This grant was successful and when the cover arrived Mick together with two other members of the committee and two friends replaced the cover.

Replacement Cover

Green Flag Community Award 2017/18

Having achieved the Green Flag Community Award in 2016/17 we are pleased to have retained the award in 2017/18. The lads from Halas Homes were on hand to raise the flag when it arrived.

Green Flag 2017

Open Day 2017

We had a very successful Open day on the 1st July with many more visitors than in previous years, including a number of perspective plot holders.

Green Flag Community Award 2016/17

The Allotment has recieved a Green Flag Community Award, this is very pleasing as only a small percentage of allotments in the UK get this award. Below are a few of the comments from the judge: ​ "The judge was particularly impressed with the welcome and friendliness of all individuals met on the day." ​ "Excellent facilities onsite to allow wheel chair users to access allotment plots." ​ ​ In terms of Conservation of biodiversity: "Several Bee hives were identified throughout the site with many areas i.e. hedge bases left “wild looking” providing essential highways for wild life and sources of food throughout the year." ​ In terms of Sustainable materials use: "Excellent, the whole site must be congratulated for the innovative ways that materials are sourced"

Open Day 2016

This was held on 23rd July and became a celebration of us achieving the Green Flag Community Award, which was announced on the 21st July!

Open Day 2015

We held the 2015 Open day on 25th July, this turned out to be an inspired choice of date in terms of the weather it being the only sunny day for a number of days both before and after. Unfortunately the date was a poor choice since a number of people were not able to attend due to holidays. The small group of committee members that organise and run the open day were still very pleased to make £90 profit on the day which will go to charity.

Below are a few images from the 2015 open day

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Open Day 2014

The Open day took place on 26th July 2014. This was the third Open Day that we have held at the Allotment, once again it was a success and we were lucky to have good weather. The Tombola helped to raise money for the disabled plots on site.

Below are a few images from the 2014 open day