Abbey Road Allotments


We are a relatively small allotment site based on the outskirts of Halesowen in an area known as Cradley, in the West Midlands.
The address of the allotment is:
Abbey Road Allotments
Abbey Road
West Midlands
B63 2HH

If you wish to contact the allotment association use the website contact form in the first instance. But if you want to put your name on the waiting list go to the application page and complete the form in full on that page.


We have worked with a number of individuals and organisations over the years in order to maintain the allotment and provide material for plot holders. The allotment site has close links with Colley Gate Gardening Club whose trading sheds are kept on the allotment site. Plot holders have access to the trading shed.

Members using the trading shed

Disabled plots

We have been lucky to get funding to create and maintain two plots for disabled users, currently these plots are used by two local groups, that bring their clients to the allotment to work on their plots.

Help for Heros

The allotment association have worked with the Help for Heros charity to provide one of the plots for an ex-serviceman.

Halas Homes

Halas Homes is an organisation that provides support for some of the more vulerable members of society.
Like the greenies these clients gain a great deal of pleasure working on the allotment and meeting other plot holders.
Together with working on their allotment they also complete other gardening projects in the Halesowen area, including helping with Halesowen in Bloom. Halas Homes website

Other Links

Colley Gate Gardening Club

The Allotment Association work very closely with Colley Gate gardening club as mentioned above, you will also see in the events section that we work jointly over the years to promote gardening and growing your own food. The Gardening club have their own website which can be found at Colley Gate Gardening Club
You can become an online member of the gardening club for free, in the members section you will find advice on growing veg. The Gardening club has monthly meetings which are great social events and informative with speakers comining from far and wide.

National Vegetable society

A number of our plot holders are members of the National Vegetable Society, this society provides help and advice for the successful growing of vegetables, particularly for those that are interested in growing to show. On there website you will find a number of articles by Mick Poultney who is the chairman of the Abbey Road Allotment Association. National Vegetable Society

National Society of Allotment and Liesure Gardeners

If you have an allotment and your allotment association is not a member of NSALG then it is worth considering joining. They provide a number of advantages to the allotment gardener the most obvious is their link with Kings Seeds and the discount provided. National Society of Allotment and Liesure Gardeners

National Dahlia Society

As an allotment association we are proud to have someone who exhibits and judges Dahlias on a national basis, we also have a number of other plot holders that grow and exhibit locally. National Dahlia Society

National Chrysanthemum Society

Although we do not have anyone that shows Chrysanthemums on a national basis, it remains a popular flower to grow for a number of the plotholders, some of which do show their blooms in local shows. National Chrysanthemum Society

British Gladioli Society

Over the last 10 years or so the growing of Gladioli has become increasingly popular on the allotment with many growing to exhibit in local shows. British Gladioli Society

All about Allotments

If you want to find out more information regarding allotments then this website is a good starting place, it contains a range of links to information about allotments and gardening, it will be particularly useful for anyone in the UK who is looking for an allotment plot. All about allotments